Asphalt Crack Sealing in Melbourne

Asphalt Crack Sealing in Melbourne is a Cost-Effective Repair

Maintaining pavements through asphalt crack sealing in Melbourne eliminates the need for extensive work such as resurfacing and reconstruction. Saltire Road Services is qualified in dealing with surfaces, particularly bitumen crack sealing in Melbourne.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Asphalt Pavement Repair in Melbourne

There’s no doubt that asphalt is a pleasing solution and provides an aesthetic boost to a residential or commercial property. Many assume that asphalt is tough since it’s the material that trucks and cars drive on every day. While it is indeed durable, it does require regular maintenance.

  • You should treat asphalt as you treat your indoor floor surfaces. As such, you should sweep it regularly to remove dirt and debris. The problem with the presence of debris is that it alters the natural flow of water, which results in pooling water in particular sections. This softening makes it prone to cracks. When you sweep asphalt, it maintains the aesthetic appeal of the material.
  • Weeds appear small and insignificant, but they can cause severe damage to your asphalt paving. The problem with weeds is that it grows uncontrollably and their roots spread underneath the asphalt, causing major cracks and lifts. Not only is it a tripping hazard, but it will also allow water to seep in, resulting in more substantial problems.
  • Oil acts in the same way as water. Parked cars that leak oil are the main culprits as it stains the pavement and when it soaks in, destroys the chemical bond of the asphalt. The presence of oil softens the paving, exposing it to harsher elements that result in cracking. Home-based and industrial cleaners are readily available to remove oil from your pavement and increase its longevity.

Benefits of Asphalt Crack Repair in Melbourne

Asphalt’s durability and strength are what make it the preferred material in the construction of roads and pavements.

  • Conducting crack repairs as early as possible will save you money. Removing the asphalt and replacing it with a new layer is an expensive solution. Generally, it’s the final option for you to consider when all else has been exhausted. Furthermore, you may have to shut down your business or vacate your home for the period required to reinstall the asphalt.
  • Regular maintenance of your asphalt pavement will increase its longevity. We recommend that you reseal your asphalt every two or three years. As a result, it could last up to 20 years with proper care.
  • Damaged asphalt poses a threat to everyone. Whether on a residential property, a commercial parking lot or public roads, deterioration of surfaces poses a risk of personal injury. It’s advisable to maintain the asphalt and prevent any accidents.

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