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You require bitumen sealing in Melbourne if you notice cracks and potholes on your driveway or parking lot surface. We recommend that you identify the problem as early as possible to ensure an inexpensive repair. The longer you wait to repair cracks in the surface, the better the chances that you may end up with a more significant problem than anticipated. Saltire Road Services have been involved with installing surfaces and spray seal roads in Melbourne for decades.



What You Should Know About Melbourne Spray Seal of Bitumen

Spray sealing is the most common method a contractor would use in repairing your surface, and we can conduct this service on a newly constructed base or an older installation.

  • We regard spray sealing as the most cost-effective method of sealing any tar surface. Kerosene is mixed with bitumen and then sprayed onto the base; after that, we add a level of stone. Known as Primer-Seal, it’s perfect for temporary surfaces and detours. Alternatively, we use a primer on a newly constructed base and spread on gravel. The kerosene and bitumen mix penetrates the pavement. While the kerosene evaporates, the bitumen remains on the surface and promotes the bond between the base and the top-level asphalt.
  • After the priming and waiting period, we sweep the surface to remove any foreign objects. After that, we spray a layer of bitumen over the surface, and a spreader truck distributes stone chips which are aligned by a roller.
  • The most durable type of spray seal that is available is the two-coat seal. It involves spraying a layer of bitumen followed by spreading large-sized stones on the ground, which we then roll over and sweep. This process is followed by another layer of asphalt and sprayed, followed by a second layer of smaller-sized stone.

Tips For Getting More Value Out of Bitumen Repairs in Melbourne

Once you’ve spent money on repairing your driveway, the idea is to maintain it through the years and increase its lifespan. Ideally, you’d want your bitumen surface to last a decade or two. Follow these steps to ensure you take proper care of the surface after repairs.

  • It’s a natural occurrence that you will find all types of dirt such as leaves, rocks, and other debris on your surface. Ensure you sweep it away regularly. Any debris on a bitumen driveway could alter the flow of water and allow it to pool in a particular section of the surface. Water will cause damage to tar.
  • Similar to the effects of water, weeds are not helpful to the cause of extending the lifespan of your bitumen driveway. They proliferate and the roots tend to spread underneath the driveway causing significant damage to the material.
  • To use the analogy of maintaining a vehicle. While there are some items that you can attempt as a DIY and get it done correctly, in-depth work requires the knowledge of a skilled contractor. The same goes for bitumen, you can do your bit to ensure it’s clean and kept well but when the time is right, seek the help of a reliable contractor.

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