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Over time and with the amount of traffic that it’s exposed to, occasional road resurfacing in Melbourne extends the life of the road. Regardless of the existing materials on a driveway, parking lot or street, when you add a new layer through resurfacing, it serves as a simple and affordable maintenance option. Saltire Road Services is a qualified operation that deals with surfaces for commercial, industrial and residential clients.


Benefits of Asphalt Patching in Melbourne

Asphalt has a reputation of being strong and durable; hence it’s continued use in developing roads and pavements. It adds a degree of sophistication when you use it on a driveway in a residential setting. However, since it is outside, it is exposed to the elements.

  • The longer you leave asphalt unattended with cracks present, the more damage you can expect. Instead of waiting to fork out more money for the complete overhaul and reapplication of the pavement, you could consider heavy patching in Melbourne. A crack can lead to a pothole if not treated, and poor patching up of a pothole may lead to the total collapse of the surface.
  • Spending dollars to repair little problems with the asphalt will save you long term. When those cracks in the asphalt become more prominent, it allows water to infiltrate the surface, compromising its durability. The material softens up becoming exposed to further wear and tear, resulting in the need for a replacement which is far more costly than the initial repair. Additionally, if you own a business where there is an asphalt driveway or parking lot, you will have to shut down for the duration of the repair and risk losing income.
  • Potholes are a hazard for road users and can result in significant damage. You risk destroyed vehicles after hitting a pothole. On the pedestrian front, damaged asphalt may be a trip hazard resulting in people falling and injuring themselves, highlighting the need for repairs.

Tips for Hiring a Road Paving Contractor in Melbourne

Asphalt paving is a trendy addition to any commercial or residential property. There are several technicalities to deal with when installing asphalt paving and you’d be wise to entrust the work to a reputable contractor.

  • You must research before embarking on a project. Ask your friends and family for personal references. After that, inspect three contractors by requesting examples of their work and quotations. Compare them and select the contractor based on quality and price.
  • Ask questions about aspects that you’re unsure of as a reputable contractor won’t have a problem discussing the process and their industry terms with you. Besides, when you communicate effectively with the contractor, they are aware of your positioning and demands.
  • Be aware of the techniques employed for the laying down of asphalt as the process hasn’t changed for years. If the contractor promises you their secret and innovative methods, it usually means you’ll be receiving sub-par service.

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We have been in the surfacing industry for over 80 years. We’re a family operated business and have been for the past three generations. We understand what providing exceptional customer service is and by continually delivering, it’s carried us for over eight decades.

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